The year 2015 was a very special year for us as a home since we celebrated our tenth anniversary on 4th July, 2015. This day was full of celebration and thanks giving to God for the ten years into the decade of giving life to children orphaned by HIV/AIDS.

To mark the tenth anniversary, the Home has been involved in a series of celebrations where community members have been coming to the home to share life with the children and in other instances, the community members invited the home to visit their churches, schools, hospitals, places of work and other community events. The culmination of these celebrations was on 4th July 2015 during the annual open day celebrations. This celebrations brought together over four thousand people who gathered to celebrate ten years of existence of the Home under the motto, “Love Gives Life.”

As a home we are grateful to our friends, community members and funding partners who have walked with us step by step, day by day and who have given life to us and allowed us to give the life. We realize that we are because you are. Kindly accept our gratitude.