Life is very precious and worthy to be celebrated. Many times we take life for granted and we fail to see the many gifts and opportunities the Lord presents to us each and every day. As a tradition in Talitha Kum, we have set aside one Saturday in July to celebrate the gift of life of our children as well as appreciating the entire community for embracing our children in their big hearts.. It’s through the love of the community that our children have been able to feel loved, appreciated. They had their lives restored from their former health conditions.

The community has always been on the side of the children in providing for the materials needs such as food, clothing and other necessities. The community has also provided psychosocial support which has impacted positively the life of the children and many of them have accepted their status.

Our Open Day is scheduled for the 24th of July and we’re hoping it will be a successful day where our alumni will celebrate together with the entire Talitha Kum family in the spirit of appreciation. May God continue blessing you, dear friends, for changing the lives of our children and adding smiles on the faces and days in their life. You are encouraged to continue being part of this noble mission that the Lord has entrusted to all of us.

As we still can’t assemble too many people at once, we invite you to schedule your visit, as individual or as a small group, throughout the months of July and August.

Contact us on: 0723 539 497,
Till Number: 441737