Talitha Kum Open Days have been days when we welcomed a minimum number of 3,500 people in our compound. The reality of the COVID 19 made it mandatory that we could invite no more than 15 people to the celebration.  

This year’s theme was “A journey of Courage and Hope”. This was in view of considering the long journey our children have travelled and all the challenges they have encountered. Being in the reality of COVID 19 pandemic, this was also to encourage the children and the entire community of life beyond the pandemic.

We began with a short procession ceremony at the gate starting with an opening prayer from one of the children, opening remarks and the flagging off by our guest of honour, our gardener. It was so beautiful that we looked at life differently.

Then followed the celebration of the Holy Mass which was well conducted by the main celebrant and nice choir of the children and the sisters. After lunch entertainment items were presented which were well prepared by the children. They were awarded trophies which they were very happy and appreciative of.

The climax was the cutting of the cakes which were offered by our associates L’Arche Kenya and our friend ‘Gracies Bakers’. We enjoyed them in solidarity with the entire community who wished to celebrate with us but couldn’t due to the current situation.

Our children were so happy and have reinforced the courage and hope of living their life to the fullness.

We thank God for His faithfulness and love which He bestowed on our children. Special thanks to our dedicated staff members who really took active responsibilities in ensuring that the day was a success. Waking up very early so that everything will run smoothly. We also thank the children for really owning the day by preparing well and purposing to celebrate. We thank all the people who were able to find time and celebrate with the children, for the donations in cash and in-kind. May God bless you all.

Watch our photo gallery of the celebration!