The rocky garden projectThe rocky garden project is a new project in Talitha Kum whereby its key objective is to make the children feel they have the capacity to bring change. It started with a small group of medium boys of house Gabriel. For one to join this group has to enroll him/herself to the coordinator who is Charles Mugambi who after will inform the rest of the members. This group came up to renew the face of Talitha Kum which 90% of it is all rocky and with the inspiration to keep the legacy of environmentalist 'Wangari Mathai'.

The project started on a high note, influencing even the adults within Talitha Kum and also well-wishers from the community. A resource mobilization of human resource, plants and flowers was done and many people of good-will contributed each depending on his/her capacity towards the same. The staff, volunteers and sisters took an active role in affirming the children and especially when they could water the flowers early in the morning before going to school and late in the evening after school.


The rocky garden now is full of cactus, sisals, palms, and various flowers and plants which have added great beauty in Talitha Kum. The team meets occasionally to share ideas on how best the project can be. This encourages the children to come up with new ideas and we also deliberate on how to maintain the project.

The rocky garden project
After long hours of enjoying preparing the ground and planting the flowers, a need for motivation comes. We have some moments to sit and relax seeing the beautiful work done. It's time to celebrate and the coordinator (left) calls the team for a time to make Merry. The team honors the invitation from the coordinator and each member avails him/herself.

Fortunately or unfortunately, an 'intruder' comes in. He's non other than 'Bonny' or as many would refer to him as Mugo his second name who is the youngest in the Home. He is not present during working moments but the first to know that their in a feast and he insist on being the one to cut the cake. He makes sure that the biggest potion of the cake falls on him but our children having learnt the art of sharing, they welcome Bonny in their project as a participant and not as an intruder.

It is our wish that this project continue and see Talitha Kum realize its mission of creating a conducive environment where life is shared with the vulnerable.

The rocky garden project    The rocky garden project