The rocky garden projectThe rocky garden project is a new project in Talitha Kum whereby its key objective is to make the children feel they have the capacity to bring change. It started with a small group of medium boys of house Gabriel. For one to join this group has to enroll him/herself to the coordinator who is Charles Mugambi who after will inform the rest of the members. This group came up to renew the face of Talitha Kum which 90% of it is all rocky and with the inspiration to keep the legacy of environmentalist 'Wangari Mathai'.

The project started on a high note, influencing even the adults within Talitha Kum and also well-wishers from the community. A resource mobilization of human resource, plants and flowers was done and many people of good-will contributed each depending on his/her capacity towards the same. The staff, volunteers and sisters took an active role in affirming the children and especially when they could water the flowers early in the morning before going to school and late in the evening after school.


Pontifical Missionary Children

As all people are unique and wonderfully made, thus St. Paul affirms and confirms our various gift. Imagine if all roses were white in a field, how dull, and no beauty to be admired. It is true that we are all special and unique, in need of others in order that we may be complete and bring beauty in our life and in the world, thus part taking in the creation of our God. In Talitha Kum, we are full of various gifts which make us love, appreciate and be proud of each other because we believe that our giftedness is not for our own personal victory but for the benefit of the entire community. We have so many children gifted in drawing, singing, in academics and in other many ways. All this is geared to the realization of the will of God in their lives and ours is to assist them to discover this precious gift.
Our children participate in various activities both in the church e.g. Pontifical Missionary Children (P.M.C.) and also in the community which helps them to feel part and parcel of the community and also loved and appreciated thus the community changing their past attitude of stigma due to HIV/AIDS as it was in the early years.
A smile costs nothing but its impact is too great to the giver and the recipient. It is therapeutic such that one forgets the past moments of agony and turns to moments of celebration. We thank all who have been putting smiles into the faces of our children. We wish you all a blessed year of faith and as we join St. James in saying that faith without action is dead and that we be doers of the word and not only hearers.