As all people have a right to life, so are our children in Talitha Kum. There is always a reason to celebrate the gift of life. Every year Talitha Kum provides an opportunity for the community to come and celebrate life with the children which is a very precious moment.

On 6th of July 2013 the Home held its 5th Talitha Kum Open Day guided by the theme “You are my Hope”. This was reached to by the great effort of the community manifested through their goodwill. The community has stood by the Home since its inception. In the beginning the children were so desperate, hopeless and had no one to offer them a shoulder to lean on but the day brought fourth the reality of the Hope the community has put in the life of the children.

The day was marked with lots of activities beginning with the procession at Narenaro Primary school where we had prayers led by Rev. Muhia of PCEA church, the flagging off by DCO Mwangi of Laikipia West and the procession led by the Brigade from the PCEA church.

The celebration was well attended by many people from different publics: Schools, Churches, Individuals, Business community, cooperates etc. After the processions it was followed by the celebration of the Holy Mass conducted Fr. James Nduati, Fr. Mariano and Fr. Fredrick Gitau. Other leaders from different churches also attended the celebration and took part in the liturgy of the day which was a great witness of Ecumenism.


During mass there were three sharings of witness which two of them were from our children and one from a member of the community. They were rich and inspiring experiences since they left a great challenge to those who attended the celebration of the great importance of appreciating the gift of life and taking life positively despite our shortcomings.

Being a day of celebration, we had various presentations from different groups which also brought out our uniqueness which taught the participants to appreciate the talents of each other and promote variety.

At the climax of the day, there was the lauching of the Talitha Kum brochures which was conducted by Bishop Luigi Paiaro and was presented as a cake to be shared. It was made official for use and some of the attendants shared some of the contents in the brochures which were messages from the children.

After all the activities all the attendants shared some snacks with the children as is our Motto; “Love Gives Life’. To crown the day, as the saying goes ‘Better late than never’ some of the friends of the Home from Royal Media including ‘Auntie Fide’ as children calls her, joined in the remaining part of the celebration and the day ended the Home having achieved its objective and it was indeed a great day.

May God bless you all who attended, contributed, participated and prayed for the success of this day and may you be blessed abundantly. Thanks for being our Hope.

You are most welcome every first Saturday of July every Year.